Official P2 parking

Parking lot Airport Pyrzowice

Wolności 90, 42-625 Ożarowice

50.4696760, 19.0749621

PARKLOT > Airport Pyrzowice Katowice > Parking lot Official P2 parking

starting at 69.00zł

General Remarks

Parking P2 Pyrzowice - official parking lot of Katowice Airport

Parking P2 Pyrzowice is located just 300 m from the airport departure terminals in Pyrzowice.

We can park on one of the 4500 parking lots in P2 Pyrzowice. The parking lot is not guarded.

Your car is safe in parking lot P2 Pyrzowice

There are free transfers to the Katowice airport terminal from P2 Pyrzowice parking lot.

The entrance to P2 Pyrzowice parking lot is fully automated - just scan the barcode.

If you have any questions, please contact P2 Pyrzowice parking lot at +48 32 39 27 469



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