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Modlin Airport is a relatively new airport, since it has opened in 2012. Formerly, before the conversion, it was used by the Polish Air Force. Currently it supports the civilian population, where in three years were over 2.5 million people. You can take a trip up to 36 different directions from this airport.

How to get to the Modlin airport?
The airport is located 36 km north-east from the city centre. However, despite this an access is not complicated, because it is located near the junction of two major roads: S7 and DK62 highways. Then just stick to the street gene. W. Thommée 1a in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.

Modlin Parking
If you wish to leave your car in a safe and fenced parking lot near Modlin airport, simply use our services. We guarantee a free shuttle bus to the terminal in both ways. In addition to this we provide a low cost, starting at 5 zł per day. You can reserve the selected parking place through the Internet very quickly and easily.

Posiadamy 13 ofert parkingów przy lotnisku Airport Modlin Warsaw, from 60.00 to 60.00 .

Customers rate our car parks at this airport at 4.9.

Klienci, którzy zarezerwowali miejsce parkingowe za naszym pośrednictwem oceniają parkingi przy lotnisku Airport Modlin Warsaw na 4.9 / 5 na podstawie 11544 the reviews.

Parking Lot Modlin (Carport)
, 02.08.2020 23:04:
Niezwykle uprzejmą obsługa. Wszystko w tempie ekspresowym! Zdecydowanie polecam :)
Parking Lot Modlin (Bezpieczny Parking)
, 15.01.2020 19:48:
Been using this company for 2 years and always experienced great service. One time I left my glasses on the roof of my car and the driver immediately did the round trip to hand them to me at Modlin.
Parking Lot Modlin (VIP 2)
, 27.12.2019 11:20:
Kindness, parking in perfect condition. It will be my parking for the airport
Parking Lot Modlin (Bezpieczny Parking)
, 24.11.2019 12:21:
Polecam ze względu na bezpieczeństwo jak również profesjonalizm i punktualność pracownika.

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