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Malaga airport car parks

There is nothing more comfortable than going by car to the airport to catch a flight, avoiding having to depend on family and friends, who have to take you on the way out and pick you up on the way back, or from the schedules and hazards of transport public. In addition, in the specific case of Malaga there are not many alternatives, there are hardly any direct connections except for the bus line A Exprés that connects the city center with the airport, while the C1 line of the Renfe Cercanías also reaches to terminal T3 of the aerodrome, but after making multiple stops. Thus, the option of going in your own vehicle emerges as the best decision, without having to worry about whether you are going to find a parking space at Malaga Airport or whether it is going to come out for an exorbitant price, since the web comparator Parklot will make it easier for you to find the best Malaga airport car parks at much cheaper rates than you expect. In addition, you will have the opportunity to compare prices, make the reservation and even pay and not worry. All this quickly and easily, ensuring that if you book with us you will have your Malaga airport parking space fully guaranteed. In this way we offer you an ideal solution, giving you a VIP service at a low cost price.

Malaga airport is one of the most important in Spain

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is located just eight kilometers from the city center and has a large volume of passengers, being the fourth in Spain in this regard. For this reason, the most important airlines in the sector operate here, both regular and low cost, flying to all kinds of national and international destinations, although the routes with origin and destination at the aerodrome that have the most traffic are those that link it with the airports. English from Gatwick and Manchester, something logical if we take into account the large number of British tourists who visit the Costa del Sol area. While traffic within the peninsula is capitalized by Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.

A pioneer airport - Malaga Costa del Sol

Although the origin of Malaga airport dates back to as remote a date as 1919, it was not until 1946 that regular national and international flights were made, with improvements and extensions being made in 1960 that allowed it to be equipped with more runways and a new terminal area. to which another one specifically destined for non-scheduled flights would be added in 1972. But as flight traffic did not stop increasing in the following two decades, another new terminal had to be built in 1991, which was named Pablo Ruiz Picasso in homage to the most universal painter from Malaga.

Latest improvements at Malaga airport

The most recent actions have been the creation of a new control tower in 2002 and especially the new Terminal T3 and the airfield that were inaugurated in 2010, having been awarded in 2018 a tender to reform Terminal 2 At the same time, over time, services to travelers have also been increasing exponentially, there are currently multiple restaurants, cafes, shops ... Although in this sense, the wide range of Malaga airport parking stands out above all. has emerged in response to the needs of the growing number of travelers who choose to park their vehicle at Malaga airport. On the other hand, what has not changed from the beginning has been the ownership and public management of the airport, currently being in charge of the same Aena, which depends on the Ministry of Development.

Airport information:

Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport
Avda. García Morato s / n. 29004 Malaga
Aena Desarrollo Internacional, S.A.
Madrid Mercantile Registry, Volume 28,806, Folio 211, Section 8, Page M-518648.
C.I.F: A86212420

IATA code: AGP

GPS coordinates

36 ° 40′30 ″ N
4 ° 29′57 ″ O

Airport information (airport contact)

Telephone: (+34) 913 211 000

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