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Europort, Aviatická 1092/8, 161 00 Praha 6, Czechy

50.1065039, 14.2672861

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General Remarks

Safe travel with airport parking Prague

Smile Parking Prague has several years of experience in the field of airport parking Prague. During the period of increased air traffic that has characterized recent years, there can be a problem with parking at Prague airport, especially during the holiday season. Smile Parking Prague offers secure parking spaces right next to the terminal.

Prague Airport Parking - for whom?

Smile Parking Prague is for those who are looking for close, comfortable and spacious parking at Václav Havel Airport and do not want to pay exorbitant amounts. 24 hours a day, all year round.

A vehicle left at Smile Parking is comprehensively secured. New barbed wire fencing, infrared beams around the perimeter of the parking lot and dozens of cameras. All of this 24 hours a day. Plus, the parking lot is fully insured.

Prague Airport Cheap Parking

All Smile parking customers are offered a free Valet Parking service - you drive your car directly to the airport, where our experienced driver will pick up your car. You drive directly to the airport, the driver will carefully transfer your car to the nearby Smile parking lot. Before your arrival, we will again park your car at the airport where it will be waiting for you.

By booking through Parklot you save time and money!

With respect to the current situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, we have adapted the process of handing over and picking up of vehicles, in order to protect both you and our employees. Not only will we prevent personal contact as much as possible, but we will also significantly speed up the check-in process, also thanks to contactless payment in advance. As a bonus, we now also offer disinfection of vehicles with ozone free of charge! You can leave the airport in no time and also with an absolute feeling of safety.

Contactless handover of the vehicle

1. Drive directly to the airport in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle. Enter the address Aviatická 1092/8, Prague 6 - Ruzyně, 161 00 in your GPS navigation. When arriving at the airport complex, stay in the left lane "Terminal 2 - arrivals" and enter the EUROPORT car park (T1 + T2). The entrance to the garage is just around the corner of the building. Please drive to the 7th or 8th floor of the building and park at any free parking space marked with the SMILE PARKING sign. Take a photo or video of your vehicle, including the dashboard, and store them in case of a later complaint.

2. Take the elevator down to the 1st floor. Directly opposite the elevator is the SMILE PARKING office. On the wall at the entrance to the office you will find a safebox for storing car keys. Wake the screen on the safebox by touching it. The screen will light up. Press "Key dropoff" and enter the code: xxxxxxxxx which you will receive in an SMS message. A box will open automatically, insert your car keys and close the box.

3. You are now ready to go to the departure hall and begin your holiday or business trip in peace.

4. Our professional driver will pick up your keys themselves, take a picture of the vehicle once more and park it at our external secure parking lot Smile Parking. All this, of course, in gloves and a face mask.

5. After your arrival, the vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport again, even disinfected, or cleaned and washed if you wish!

Contactless pick-up of the vehicle

1. After your arrival, please come straight to the SMILE PARKING office in the EUROPORT building, where you parked your vehicle upon your departure.

2. On the wall at the entrance to the office you will find a safebox for picking up car keys. Wake the screen on the safebox by touching it. The screen will light up. Press "Key pick up" and enter the code: xxxxxxxxx. A box will open automatically in which you will find your car keys along with an exit card. The number of the floor on which your car is already parked is written on this card.

3. Take the elevator to the floor marked on your exit card. Please check your vehicle and in case of any problem, do not leave the parking space and contact us by phone at +420 725 120 021.

4. If everything is all right, you can begin your journey home. Drive the vehicle out of the garage and turn left. Directly opposite you will see the exit. Please use the exit card to drive out of the parking lot.

5. We wish you a safe journey home! :)



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