Official P5/P6 Car Park

Parking Lot Airport Poznań

Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznań

52.4140524, 16.8226334

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General Remarks

Official parking lot Poznan Airport - long term departures

The official parking lot P5/P6 Poznan Lawica was made using hardened earth technology. The parking lot is guarded, fenced, lit and monitored 24 hours a day.

The official parking at the airport is a solution for those who want to leave their car close to the terminal and feel that their car is safe during the journey.

How to get to Poznań Ławica Long Term Airport car park

Access to the airport area is possible only after collecting a ticket (only then the gate will raise and you will be able to enter the Kiss and Fly zone, which is free for up to 10 minutes and after that time it will be impossible to both leave the airport area and enter the destination parking lot without first paying at one of the automatic ticket counters for the Kiss and Fly zone).

Each parking lot is equipped with a parking space, which is located near the terminal.

Each parking lot has 2 gates described on the fences: an entrance gate where one should use a ticket collected on the first gate in order to enter (collection of a ticket is also obligatory for Parklot customers) and an exit gate (on this gate Parklot customers should use a button to contact the parking lot staff in order to provide their reservation number.

After leaving the parking lot, it is necessary to leave the parking lot.

After leaving the parking lot, travellers will be back in the Kiss and Fly zone and to exit the airport area at the next gate, the intercom (relevant button on the gate) should be used again to contact the Car Park Attendants/Control Room.

Parking lot plan: (click here)



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Olivier Everaerts

  • Access

It took me 30 min, and 3 calls to get out of the parking


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  • Standard
  • Service
  • Shuttle

Ed Wart

  • Access
  • Standard
  • Service
  • Shuttle

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