Parking Strachowice

Parking Lot Airport Wroclaw

Graniczna 189, 54-530 Wrocław

51.1115633, 16.8859649

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General Remarks

Self-service parking at Wrocław Strachowice Airport


The parking lot is fenced, paved, lighted, monitored and insured 24 hours a day. The parking lot does not provide a transfer service as it is located 300 metres from the airport.

Parking Strachowice - Step by step, how to use:

1. Type in the navigation: GRANICZNA 189, 54-530 WROCŁAW.

2. It is best to arrive at the car park at least 2 hours before departure.

3. We recommend that the driver takes passengers and luggage to the terminal airport and returned to the parking lot to drop the car. The parking lot is located vis a vis the terminal.

4. When entering the parking lot, scan the barcode from your booking confirmation in the machine issuing tickets. You will receive a parking ticket, keep it until departure.

5. The walk to the airport is a maximum of 5 minutes.

6. After returning from the trip, pick up the car from the parking lot. In time waiting for luggage, the driver can pick up the car from the parking lot in a few and drive to the airport for the rest of the passengers.

7. When leaving the parking lot, use the ticket.



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