Parking lot Airport Pyrzowice

Kolejowa 19, 42-625 Pyrzowice

50.467905, 19.068260

PARKLOT > Airport Pyrzowice Katowice > Parking lot WIZ-PARK

starting at 39.00zł

General Remarks

Achieved LOCALIZATION we are only 400m from the airport and additionally for all customers we offer free transport to/from the terminal with luggage within 2 minutes.

Transfers take place with respect to the client's time - always on his request, and not after the bus is full.
(we have two air-conditioned 9-person buses - the transfer takes place in a flash)

Quality of Services we are one of the longest operating car parks in Pyrzowice, our car park has been on the market since 2008. Therefore, thanks to our experience, we can offer you the highest quality of services. Professionalism, safety, realization of customer needs are our basic priorities.

The car park is insured in PZU, monitoring 24 hours a day is supervised 24 hours a day, hardened in its entirety, illuminated and fenced with a solid high concrete fence.

LICAL CONDITIONS Parking open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free Wi-Fi access; if you have problems with starting your car after returning from your journey - we are ready to do so - we will always help you! (we have a compressor, rectifier, starter cables, etc.)


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