PERI Parking Garages Premium

Parking lot Airport Pyrzowice

Wolności 18, 42-625 Pyrzowice

50.4581253, 19.0692416

PARKLOT > Airport Pyrzowice Katowice > Parking lot PERI Parking Garages Premium

starting at 130.00zł

General Remarks

Pyrzowice Premium Guarded parking garage

Premium garages in the PERI guarded car park in Pyrzowice are an option for the most demanding customers.

Pyrzowice Peri garages provide 100% protection against weather conditions, mainly hail, rain, sun or bird droppings that "burn out" the car paint.

Peri parking garages - safe travel

The Peri car park in Pyrzowice has no fear of any abrasions or bumps as the garages are single. They fit practically every passenger car, they are 3 metres wide, 6 metres long and 1.9 metres high.

Pyrzowice parking garages - for whom?

The garage is locked, with no outside access and the key is kept in a safe.


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