Parking Lot Airport Pyrzowice

ul. Zagrodowa 1, 42-625 Pyrzowice

50.4623352, 19.0738965

PARKLOT > Airport Pyrzowice Katowice > Parking Lot MTM

starting at 40.00zł

General Remarks

MTM Pyrzowice - a proven solution for travellers

Parking MTM is located just 400 m from the airport in Pyrzowice. Delivery to and from the airport is free of charge and takes place in comfortable 9-person buses.

Safety over everything

Parking MTM Pyrzowice has 300 parking spaces at its disposal, all of which are insured, illuminated, fenced and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a helpful staff on site to take care of the car left there. Reservation by Parklot guarantees the space, saves time and fully enjoy the journey.


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