A1 Rondo

Parking lot Airport Pyrzowice

Piłsudskiego 56, 42-625 Pyrzowice

50.465668, 19.082504

PARKLOT > Airport Pyrzowice Katowice > Parking lot A1 Rondo

starting at 49.00zł

General Remarks

Your car just 2 minutes from Pyrzowice Airport

A1 car park provides the highest standard of parking services at the airport in Katowice. It is monitored 24/7, guarded, fenced, hardened, illuminated and insured.

With more than 200 seats, the facility is located in close proximity to the airport. Thanks to its excellent location, it takes only 2 minutes to reach the airport terminal.

With childcare

We provide a free transfer to the airport as well as a pick-up. Our customers are transported by a comfortable 9-person bus. For the youngest passengers we provide a seat.

We have a workshop base equipped with a compressor and a starter mother, among other things.


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