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General Remarks

Balice airport parking - which one to choose?

When choosing a parking lot near the airport, it is worth carefully checking the offer of companies operating nearby. Keep in mind that each parking lot in Balice may offer different rates for parking your car, as well as different services to make your trip easier. Many people are primarily guided by the price they have to pay for a parking space for the duration of their trip. Often very low rates - even below average - do not guarantee safety or lack of amenities. GOOD parking ensures comfort as well as safety for the vehicle left at the Balice airport

What should a good quality parking garage at Balice airport provide?

When choosing a parking lot at Krakow airport, it is worth paying attention to whether:

  • the facility is guarded
  • a detailed register of vehicles entering the parking lot area is kept
  • the owner of the parking lot guarantees a transfer to and from the airport
  • there is a place where travellers can leave their luggage and go to collect their car from the parking lot area
  • monitored parking
  • .
  • security
  • fenced
  • lighted
  • assistance in starting in case of breakdown of a long parking
  • help in parking
  • parking assistance
  • Undoubtedly the most important criterion - right after the price of parking - is the level of security. Choosing a GOOD parking lot with the above mentioned facilities, you can be sure that your vehicle is safe. Especially if the parking area is located just a few hundred meters from the terminal, it is worth paying attention to the transfer. Not every parking lot offers the possibility of transportation to the airport and pick up after the journey. Only a professional company gives a guarantee to their customers that they will send their car after them upon arrival in the country.


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