Parking Lot Airport Balice

Kryspinów 290, 32-060 Kraków

50.042542, 19.787415

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starting at 55.00zł

General Remarks

Ekobudmar Parking - safe parking for your car.

Ekobudmar Parking has many years of experience in the field of storage and warehousing of things, so that the cars left on it are completely safe. Convenient location makes the transfer to the airport fast and pleasant.

Comfort and safety in one

Solid Security 24/7 protection and monitoring are just some of Ekobudmar's advantages. The offer also includes roadside assistance, as well as assistance in starting the vehicle after a prolonged stoppage.

Guaranteed parking space and peace of mind during holidays

Ekobudmar parking lot has 500 parking spaces at its disposal. In addition, thanks to the reservation through PARKLOT you can get a guarantee of a parking space.


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