Car Park Warsaw Okecie Chopin Airport

access to 6min

P7 Okecie

Parking jest ogrodzony, utwardzony, oświetlony, całodobowo monitorowany i chroniony przez firmę ochroniarską oraz ubezpieczony w PZU.... more

80.10105.00zł7 days

access to 9min

Eurostyle Parking Okecie

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99.757 days

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Official Airport Parking P2 Okecie

The P2 Multi-storey Parking that is located directly at the terminal saves you money and guarantees security. Parking is supervised and monitored 24/7.... more

160180.00zł7 days

access to 8min

Premiere Okecie

Jeśli szukasz ekonomicznego parkingu, na którym pozostawisz swoje auto na czas podróży to Premiere Parking sprawdzi się w tej roli doskonale. Obiekt jest monitorowany 24/7.... more

707 days

No spaces

access to 6min

Szyszkowa 48 Okecie

Okęcie Parking is located in a great location, which allows you to reach the Airport terminals. Chopin in a few minutes... more

997 days

No spaces

access to 7min

Warsaw Holiday Parking Okecie

Parking monitored 24/7 with clock service and numerous amenities. Transfer to the airport - free of charge.... more


Warsaw Chopin Airport at Okęcie is the largest airport in Poland. Last year, it was here that as much as 35% of all air traffic occurring in our country was operating. It currently supports a large number of airlines, thanks to which visitors can fly to many cities around the world.

How to get to Chopin Airport?

Getting to the airport is very well marked, just follow the address ul. Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warsaw dual carriageway S2.

Okęcie Parking

If you are looking for a car park at Okęcie airport, we encourage you to use our services. With us, you can find and book a parking space on the Internet earlier, without having to worry about it before the flight. We provide a free shuttle service to the airport and back for PLN 0. Parking lots are fenced, insured and monitored 24 h.